The Pharmeum eco-system will improve medicine affordability, minimise errors, and create frictionless, quality care for patients.

Why Pharmeum?

WORLD’S FIRST blockchain solution for doctors and pharmacies

A WORKING PRODUCT already in use

High dependency on PHRM token’s UNIQUE SOLUTION

ICO regulating with MALTA GOVERNMENT under MFSA laws

Who we're working with

How it works

Pharmeum’s blockchain-based solutions are urgently needed to develop a more sophisticated,
intelligent healthcare system. With Pharmeum everybody benefits greatly.

Patients have :
  • A faster, frictionless way to receive affordable treatment
  • True ownership of their synchronised, medication data
  • Improved health, by drastically reducing medical errors
Doctors and Pharmacies :
  • Less administrative work, creating more available funding
  • Less dependency on one individual professional
  • More time available by digitising a lot of their work


The Pharmeum platform’s token will act as a universal currency for medication and treatment. PHRM tokens finally solve the border-limiting issues associated with fiat currency, in paying for treatment internationally.

The dependency of the PHRM token is crucial for Pharmeum’s eco-system to function, including :

  • Paying for medicine/treatment globally, held by patients within the integrated wallet
  • Tokens are earned by patients who monetise their anonymised data to researchers
  • Powering every transaction within the neural network, usually transacted in a bulk amount for hospitals/clinics
  • Payment to healthcare experts within the Pharmeum network, to provide rapid confirmation and opinions on diagnosis/treatment

Token Sale

PHRM token’s will be used to enable frictionless receipt of medicine, globally. The tokenization of these payments, is a great leap forward for cryptocurrencies as a whole.

Token Name :


Total Supply:


Tokens For Sale :


Price :

TBD (Currently at 30% Discount)

Soft Cap :

$ 5m USD

Hard Cap :

$ 18m USD

Accepted Cryptocurrencies :


Distribution :

Generated and distributed after ICO

Distribution & Usage




  • What inspired the creation of Pharmeum?

    The inspiration for change derived from the belief that the current healthcare systems in place are fragile and not built to solve the largest problems existing today. By building a superior, secure, trustworthy system to transmit prescriptions, and record medication data, patients lives are made easier. Receiving healthcare at an affordable price should not be made this difficult for the patient.

  • What is unique about Pharmeum?

    Pharmeum is the first of its kind, and our goals are both ambitious and realistic. We’re creating an entire healthcare eco-system built for the patients needs. The value that our platform will bring, will drastically change the future of healthcare, and patients lives.

  • Is Pharmeum regulated?

    We value trust over anything else, and it’s the core theme across our entire project. We’re in the process of becoming fully regulated by strict MFSA laws, in order to ensure transparency in the project.

  • What is Pharmeum’s vision for the future?

    It’s 2018, yet the procedures for you to receive quality healthcare and medication are still extremely complex and tedious. We want to change this outdated system by empowering patients, and making the entire process frictionless.

  • When will Pharmeum’s ICO start?

    Currently we are working on building our platform, so the timing is close to that of the PHRM token generation. The purpose of this is to try and protect the price of the token and reduce speculation in a legitimate way. We expect to whitelist for pre-sales in December 2018.
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